Petite Mommy

1. Wear the same color from head to toe.

This is a common style tip for all petite women. Carried into pregnancy, it can give the same effect: longer and leaner! The classic color choices to add the appearance of height include black, navy, white, brown and beige. The trick to doing it right is to stick with the same hue of each piece of clothing and truly wear only that color from shoes, to stockings, to skirt or dress and top.

2. Wear vertical lines and/ or straight lined clothing.

Choose patterns that include vertical lines, and never horizontal lines! This keeps the eye focused on length, not width. Straight lined clothing styles are very pleasing to the petite frame. They also assist in lengthening, not adding bulk. Don’t worry… that baby bump will still be noticeable and the center of attention!

3. Stay away from weight-adding fabrics.

Bulky and highly textured fabrics add just that to the body… bulk or weight. This will most likely not be too difficult to do by yourself during pregnancy! Instead, choose flowing and stretching materials. Materials such as jersey will hug curves and be comfortable to wear as your body grows. They will show off your belly while adding no extra weight!