Many Handbag Styles

You may be looking for an elegant leather satchel or a unique and eco friendly straw or cloth bag or even a trendy and modern sequined bag. You can find many handbag styles and choose from them to complement your personality and add charming to your outfits.

Backpack handbag is a larger bag which is supposed to be carried like a backpack. This bag style features two straps which you can either sling the bag on one or both sides of your shoulder.

A barrel bag on the other hand is cylindrical in shape as the name suggests. You can find exciting handbags that are narrow and resemble a French bread loaf. These bags are named as Baguettes.

For those who do believe in carrying too much staff with them, there are attractive and colourful coin purses and clutch bags to choose from. In contrast to a handbag which has straps to be slung on the shoulder, clutch bags do not have any handles or straps. They are carried under the arm and are mainly used as evening bags to carry just a few trinkets and cosmetics.

For those who are not fond of handbags dangling from their shoulders and also want their hands to be free, cross body bags are the ideal choice. These bags can be worn across the body leaving the hands free.

Ideal for those who take part in a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking and running, Fanny pack also known as the waist pack is the ideal choice. This bag can be worn on the waist and is very useful for carrying small, essential items.

One of the interesting handbag styles is the Hobo. Hobos are shoulder bags with a long shoulder strap. They are scooped in the centre and are slouchy to look at. Evening clutch bags made of hard case and decorated with attractive sequins, beads and crystals are known as Minaudiere.

Many people use handbags to carry a lot of items such as appointment books, coin purses, wallets, makeup and other personal items. Organizer bags are ideal for this purpose as these bags feature a lot of convenient pockets and compartments.

Handbags which feature a top closure, a flat bottom and a top carry handle are known as satchels. The side profile of a satchel is usually triangular. Wristlet on the other hand is a small wallet or a clutch that is attached to a small loop that can go around your wrist.