Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian bikinis are always in style. And you can find different models but the traditional and well know Brazilian bikini has the Triangle Top and Side Tie Bottoms.

Triangle Tops

Triangle tops are a great selection to consider since you can cover as much or as little as you please. It’s perfect for all breast sizes.

Side Tie Bottoms

Side tie bottoms offer an adjustable fit with a little flair. There are many variations of this style and all of them have the will to make you feel more sexy and attract attention from everyone around you. Abuse it! It was never out of fashion!

Choosing a bikini color

Color may not be the first thing a woman thinks of when shopping for a bathing suit, but it should be up there on the list.

The choices for a bathing are vast. So check out the color tips to make you look more gorgeous!

Bikini Color Tips to make yourself look even better

· 1- Minimize with black. If you have a bulge or two that you wish to cover up, black is classically the best color to minimize the larger parts of your body.

· 2- Add emphasis with color. If you wish to make it look like your breasts are bigger than they are, or if you wish to emphasize a certain part of your body, use bright flashy colors. A top with bright colors will add the illusion of a larger cup size, or it can be used to plump up a skimpy rump.

· 3- Conceal large breasts with light colors. Choose pastels or creamy colors for a larger chest. These colors will help de-emphasize larger cup sizes, but be sure that every top you buy has enough support to prevent them from sagging.

· 4- Go for bright colored, vertical stripes. Bright vertical stripes will help lengthen shorter frames. If you wish to lengthen your legs, try bright stripes on the bottom and pick a bright print on top.

· 5- Choose dark blocks of color for a slimming one piece bathing suit. When you don’t feel comfortable in a bikini, and wish to slim down your look in a one piece, go for dark blocks or patches of color. These will help draw they eye to the colors and not the bulges.