Anarkali Suits

The length, neckline and sleeves styles should be carefully selected according to the body type of the wearer. The best anarkali suits for short women would be those that fall all the way till the floor or at least till the ankles or calves. These add an illusion of height and, when combined with heels, look extremely graceful and sophisticated. Curvy women can opt for long sleeves with a sweet-heart or key-hole neckline to highlight their figure, while tall and thin women can opt for the high-neck, jacketed anarkali salwar.

The drape of the dupatta is also a great way to alter the look and add elegance, glamour or sophistication, as per the tastes of the individual. For instance, the dupatta can be tied around each wrist from the back to create an unconventional, yet fun, silhouette. If the dupatta is heavy and the kameez plain, then it should be draped across the torso; although, with an anarkali salwar it is best to keep the dupatta high so that the beautiful anarkali cut is visible. With ankle length or floor length suits which are heavily embellished and embroidered, dupattas need not be worn at all.

Jewelry is crucial to this look, but with the best anarkali suits, the mantra to follow is ‘less is more’. This is because the anarkali outfit itself is usually quite heavy and elaborately ornamented. Too much heavy jewelry or over-large necklaces might take away from the dress and give off a Christmas tree sort of vibe. The best way to accessorize, therefore, is with a single but memorable piece of jewelry like a pair of dangling diamond earrings, a pretty pendant, detailed bracelet or even a mang tikka or chunky rings. Even a bejeweled clutch, sparkling hair clip or large nose ring can suffice as ‘accessories’ with a heavy brocade or stone studded anarkali salwar.